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Twitter Raises GIF size Limit to 15MB


For those who use GIFs on Twitter, you will be happy to know that the company has bumped up the size limit from 5MB to 15MB. This is a huge update for those who prefer to use GIFs instead of texts as you get 3 times the size you have had before.

At the moment, you can only share the 15MB GIFs on Twitter’s web platform and not its mobile apps. Twitter is yet to confirm when support for larger GIFs will be available on its mobile platforms, or if that will happen at all. It is not clear why Twitter decided to start with its web platform for this and not its mobile apps given that many people access its services through their mobile phones.

GIFs are proving to be very important to Twitter and social media sites in general so we may see the players integrate them with their platforms. Twitter recently partnered with GIPHY and Riffsy to make it easier for people to use GIFs in their tweets in a move aimed at getting more people to use them.  It is not clear how the use of GIFs has helped Twitter as the company isn’t revealing any stats as of now but my guess is that things might be good if it has decided to bump up size limit to 15MB.

Facebook added a GIF keyboard to its Messenger platform that allows users to search a library of available GIFs for the perfect one to use. This feature is not available on Twitter and my hope is that the company adds it very soon.

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