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APP OF THE WEEK: Wunderlist

I love making to-do lists. It’s part of my daily routine, it’s how I manage my schedule. A lot of other people out there use to-do lists as well, and there are literally an insatiable number of apps that can help you with this. I have been a die-hard user of Google Keep, I believe it is one of the best and I stuck to my belief until Wunderlist happened.

Wunderlist is a simple application, one creates to-do lists and gets notifications, if you set a reminder, you can mark the items on the to-do list as done and yeah. All the other apps do this as well, so what makes this one different? It allows collaboration!

Simply put, I can use this app to make a list of to-dos, share it with my colleagues and they will have instant access to the list. You can even go further and assign specific to-do items to specific people, they will get a notification that a certain item has been assigned to them and when they complete this to-do, a notification will be sent informing everyone of this completion. Reminders to the shared lists can be set, meaning you can choose when you want your colleagues to be reminded of the task they are required to complete. The reminders are sent out as a notification on their phones or as an email, this makes it easily usable by professionals.

If you work alongside other people, do alot of collaboration or just want a to-do app that is effective enough, Wunderlist is the way to go. Download Wunderlist for Android and iOS, it even works on PC.

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