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Lumia Update Portal Moves to Microsoft’s Website

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Nokia’s handset division is now under Microsoft and the acquisition was and is bound to bring some changes. Some changes have been happening ever since the deal was sealed in March and the latest one is the moving of the Lumia update portal to Microsoft’s own website.

Microsoft is keen to consolidate all Lumia related products and services to give them a personalized experience that reflects on the Microsoft name and not the Nokia name. It is even believed that Microsoft will drop the ‘Nokia’ name from its future devices and stick with just the ‘Lumia’ name. This will help people understand that the devices are not from Nokia.

microsoft lumia support pages

microsoft lumia support pages

Back to the new developments, the Nokia Lumia portal has been a key pillar for customers who relied on it to stay informed on software updates the company was rolling. The portal is easy to use for most customers who found it hard to look back at the publication Nokia gives out to track these updates. This portal on Microsoft’s website also lists some non Windows Phone devices from Nokia such as the Asha series.

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