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HTC to collaborate with Bose to slim One’s bezels, yet maintain BoomSound audio.


HTC has been known to come up with high-end products despite being a relatively small company in comparison to the likes of Samsung, Nokia and Apple. Its flagship device, the HTC One, revolutionized the smartphone industry with its premium build and polished aluminium finish. In addition, the phone featured quality audio courtesy of Beats partnership and HTC’s BoomSound. Well, now the company is aiming to take the whole audio supremacy to another level by embracing Bose. Though not known as much as Beats, Bose is also another great company that has a line of quality audio products.

Apparently, HTC wants to increase the screen size of the One, yet maintain the overall size of the phone. It can only achieve this by slimming down the bezels, much like the LG G3. The top and bottom of the HTC One hold the majestic BoomSound speakers. In order to slim the bezels down and still maintain the sound quality, HTC is reportedly turning to Bose.

We could deduce that this move is in line with Apple’s acquisition of Beats, since there is bound to be some challenges that would arise with HTC’s continued partnership with Beats while it’s under Apple. However, this is not confirmed just yet, and could well be just a change of strategy.

As of now, it seems like companies are trying to specialize in a given sector within the smartphone industry. Nokia is well known for its great cameras as well as the durability of its phones. It seems that HTC is trying to specialize in audio, and it is somehow setting a mark. Apart from the HTC One having the best sound of any flagship device, HTC also has the Harman Kardon edition of the device, which is an exclusive collaboration with the audio company Harman Kardon. This just shows how much HTC is positioning itself for audio supremacy.

Consequently, we may be seeing a HTC device with a larger screen and thinner bezels yet matching up to, or even having better audio than BoomSound which is already found in the HTC One.

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