Google Bets On The Future of Wearables by Releasing A New Android SDK For Developers

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When it comes to wearable technology, no company has got it right yet. Don’t get me wrong, most companies ,including Pebble, Samsung , Nike to Kenya’s very own Clad Light, are doing a great job in this sector but there is still so much work that need to be done for the tech companies to get it right.

Now Google has stepped into play perhaps to show us how promising this market is. Early yesterday, Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP of Android, Apps and Chrome, announced that the company will in two weeks release an Android developer SDK for wearable devices.

The company did not confirm whether it was working on a wearable device but was quick to point out that the term wearable is broad and does not only stand for devices worn on the wrist. Pichai said, “When we say wearables we think about it much more broadly. “It’s for partners and developers to figure out. It could be a jacket … with sensors — I don’t know.”

By releasing the SDK for developers, Google is laying out the vision for developers on how the see the market working.

Lately Google has been rumoured to be working with LG to develop a new wearable device but the company has not said anything about this.

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