August 20, 2018

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gALAXY s9+ featured

Top 5 Things I Love About the Samsung Galaxy S9+

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the company’s latest flagship smartphone available in Kenya for Ksh 95,000 depending on where you get it from. I am currently reviewing the Galaxy S9+...

Cubot R11

5 Smartphones Under Ksh 10,000 Worth Checking Out

When it comes to buying a new smartphone, not everyone has an unlimited budget to splash on the new gadget. Sometimes you may want or may be forced to limit the amount you are...


5 Smartphones Worth Checking Out During Jumia’s Mobile Week

Jumia Mobile Week is back and given that the company has promised some crazy mobile deals, I thought it is a good idea to list down five smartphones you should check out during...

Safaricom Platinum

Four Things You Need to Know About Safaricom Platinum

Earlier today, you may have seen ‘Safaricom Platinum’ all over social media especially Twitter. With this, you may have wondered, what is it all about? What has Safaricom done...


I Used SONGA by Safaricom And This Is What I found out

A couple of days back, Safaricom introduced its latest product, SONGA. This is a music streaming application that the company hopes will be the top music streaming application in...


Top 5 tech trends that digital leaders should invest in for 2018

Put your data to work These days, organizations collect more data than a human brain could possibly process in a lifetime. (Or even several.) So we’re using artificial...

Weather apps

Top 5 Weather Apps Worth Checking Out

If you are in Kenya right now, you may have noticed that it has been chilly and rainy the last couple of weeks. This will be the trend for the next month or two and you should be...


Top 5 Shows to Watch on ShowMax This Weekend

The weekend is here and if you are like me, you will have to catch up on a couple of shows before it is over. ShowMax has a number of new shows that you should check out this...


Top 5 Smartphones Under Ksh 10,000

When it comes to buying a new smartphone, not everyone has all the money in the world to spend on an expensive device. If you have Ksh 10,000 or less to spend on a smartphone, you...

Moto Z Back cover

Five Things You Need to Know About the Moto Z

The latest flagship smartphone to be launched in Kenya is the Moto Z. This Moto Z was launched in Kenya last month by Lenovo together with the Moto Z Play. I have been using the...