August 18, 2017

Tech News

Sam Goldman

More options for off-grid energy users as d.light launches groundbreaking solar home system

Africans who live too far from the power grid or cannot afford a power connection now have a cheaper option to access a fully powered home entertainment system. d.light, a global...

cisco cybersecurity report

Cisco unveils network of the future that can learn, adapt and evolve

Cisco unveiled intent-based networking solutions that represent one of the most significant breakthroughs in enterprise networking. The introduction is the culmination of...

Google Pixel Phones

Over 1 Million Google Pixel Smartphones Have Been Sold So Far

About 8 months ago, Google unveiled its first in-house smartphones, the Pixel and Pixel XL. These phones were manufactured by HTC for Google and were sort of released to replace...


Yahoo Has Been Acquired by Verizon, CEO Marissa Mayer Is resigning

After months of negotiations, Verizon has finally acquired Yahoo. The internet giant has been struggling the last several years as competition got tougher. Verizon has paid $4.48...

Worldremit android pay

WorldRemit Adds Android Pay to its service to offer mobile-to-mobile transfers to the world’s unbanked

WorldRemit has added Android Pay to its service, offering a new way for WorldRemit’s Android Pay users to send money internationally and reach millions using mobile money...

Huawei Mate 9

Huawei Claims That It Sold More Smartphones Than Apple in December

If you look at the premium devices Huawei released last year, then you know that the company is a serious player in this market and tends to appeal to those who want flagship...


Jumia Food Partners with Sodexo Group for Mobile Payments

Sodexo Group has signed a new partnership with Jumia Food Kenya to offer employers a seamless mobile solution dubbed M-Kula.  The new payment option on the global mobile food...


These are the TV Shows Coming to ShowMax in June

We are a few days into the new month and I think it is time I tell you the TV shows and Movies that you can watch on ShowMax this month. These are new shows that were not...

Playstation VR

Over 1 Million PlayStation VR headsets Have Been Sold So Far

Back in 2016, Sony unveiled the PlayStation VR headset to the world. As VR headsets gain popularity, Sony did not want to be left behind and now the company is announcing that it...

Google Chrome for Android

As from 2018, Google Chrome Wil Come With a built-in ad-blocker

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Google had plans to include an ad-blocker into its Chrome browser. This ad-blocker will not block all ads like other ad-blockers but would...