April 21, 2018

YouTube is Giving Creators More Control on The Comments Posted on Their Videos

YouTube is making some changes to its site to give creators more control on some of the comments posted on their videos. The company is doing this by adding new comment features that will allow content creators to refine conversations on the videos they upload.

With these new features, creators will be able to favorite the comments to make it easier for other people viewing their videos to see the comments that are worth reading. This means that people who watch your videos will not be forced to scroll down to find relevant comments that they may want to read.

Creators will also be able to pin comments at the top of the comments feed, this will ensure that anyone who watches the videos will be able to see the pinned comments before the others. This allows the creator to shape the conversations in the comment section instead of letting things flow randomly. This also allows the creator to emphasize of positive comments in a video that gets a ton of negative ones.

Besides the two changes, YouTube also says that whenever a creator comments on their own video, the username will be shown with a ‘pop of color’. This means that viewers will not fall for fake accounts that usually comment on videos trying to fool viewers. With this feature, viewers will be free to interact with the creator and this might lead to better engagements and an overall sense of community.

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[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyL8U15pXws” width=”560″ height=”315″]

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