March 18, 2018

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Huawei P10 in kenya

Android Oreo is Finally Rolling Out to the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus

Not so long ago, some Huawei Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro users finally got Android Oreo on their devices. These was the final version of the OS and not the beta version that has been...


ESET uncovers latest malicious activity in Asia from infamous hacking group, OceanLotus

Analysing the activities of hacking group OceanLotus, known for campaigns targeting eastern Asia, security researchers at ESET have followed one of the group’s latest campaign....


Visa Launches First Visa’s Everywhere Initiative in Sub Sahara Africa to Foster Regional Payments Innovation and Fintech Entrepreneurship

Today, Visa announced that its Visa’s Everywhere Initiative, a global innovation program that tasks start-ups to solve commerce challenges oftomorrow and further enhance their...


Let’s Talk About T-Kash, The New Mobile Money Service by Telkom Kenya

Yesterday, Telkom Kenya unveiled its new Mobile Money service, T-Kash. The company made so much noise about this product and this was expected. Ever since Telkom Kenya rebranded,...

AON Cyber risk kenya

Identity Protection Is the New Business Imperative

Business is evolving in the face of two opposing technology trends: The transformative power of the cloud and the mounting cost of cybercrime. Living at the intersection of these...

Nokia mwc

Nokia: We Want to be Among the Top 5 Smartphone Manufacturers In The Next 3 to 5 Years

Nokia ‘exited’ the smartphone market a few years ago but the company officially came back early last year with the unveiling of the Nokia 6. This was the first smartphone from...


WhatsApp Will Let You Delete Messages One Hour After You Send Them

Back in 2017, WhatsApp added an option for users to delete messages they accidentally send. This was a much-needed addition but was not perfect as users could only delete messages...

my telkom

Tariff Guide For Telkom Kenya’s New Mobile Money Service, T-Kash

Earlier today, Telkom Kenya officially introduced its new mobile money service, T-Kash. This new service is replacing Orange Money, a service the company axed a couple of months...


Some UI Changes are Coming to Microsoft Launcher with the Next Update

Microsoft is about to roll out a major update to its official Android launcher. This is one of the many Android applications by the company and has been available to Android users...


Microsoft Reminds Organizations to Remain Secure Throughout The Digital Transformation Journey

In a time where the plight against cybercrime is rifer than ever before, an increasing amount of organisations have recognized the importance of embarking on their own respective...

Android p

The First Developer Preview of Android P Is Here and Brings with it Notch Support Among other Features

Even before all existing Android smartphones get Android Nougat, Google is already working on Android P and its first developer preview is out. This is the very first public...


WeChat Now Has 1 Billion Monthly Active Users

WeChat is undoubtedly the most popular social media app in China. The app is well known outside China but is still not as widely used outside the country as it is in the country....


Skype For Android Gets Optimized for Those Using Android 4.0.3 to 5.1

Android is a very diverse smartphone ecosystem. On one hand, you have the high-end device with the top of the range features, on the other hand, you have entry level devices with...

Cyber security in Kenya

Four reasons why cyber-security should be on your 2018 agenda

2017 saw a slew of cyber-attacks, major hacks, threats and data breaches dominating world headlines. Many of these breaches were in fact the result of human error. They...

TechArena on Twitter

Bookmarking Tweets for Later Just Got Easier With The Latest Update

Twitter is a great social site but it can get messy and confusing sometimes. Given that Twitter displays content chronologically, you will see tweets as users share them. This is...

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