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Nigerian Startups That Have Taken Part in Y Combinator

Y Combinator Nigeria

Y Combinator (YC) was founded in 2005 and is one of the top startup accelerators. It has invested in more than 5000 startups with a combined val;uation of $600 billion. 

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We recently did a post on the Kenyan startups YC has invested in and I got a handful of people asking which African market has the most startups under YC. YC has invested in about 10 in Kenya. While this is a good number, it is dwarfed by the over 60 Nigerian startups YC has invested. This is the highest number in Africa and quite a big difference from Kenya which is number 2.

YC invests in a number of startups in different sectors. Below are the startups YC has invested in in Nigeria.

  1. Miden – Miden is a card issuer processor and core banking for businesses in Sub-Sahran Africa.
  2. Cleva – USD banking platform for Africa
  3. Chow Central Inc – Asset Light Restaurant Chains for Africa
  4. Waza – B2B payments platform for emerging markets.
  5. Shekel Mobility – B2B marketplace for Auto Dealers in Africa
  6. Bujeti – Corporate cards and expenses management platform for African businesses. 
  7. Pivo Technology Inc – Digital Bank for Freight Carriers in Africa.
  8. FoodCourt – Virtual Restaurants & Stores for Africa
  9. Anchor – Banking-as-a-service platform for Africa
  10. Chowdeck – On-demand food delivery for Africa
  11. Bridgecard – Card issuer for Africa
  12. Topship – Flexport for African Merchants – Building the OS for Global Logistics
  13. Duplo – Venmo for B2B in Africa.
  14. Partnav- Your Global payments partner for Africa.
  15. Moni – Group Financing for small businesses across Africa.
  16. Simplifyd Systems – We deliver toll-free internet apps.
  17. Sendme, Inc – On demand provider of meat to households and food businesses
  18. Vendy – Vendy makes business payments as simple as a chat with its unified payment interface  UPI
  19. Tendo – Meesho for Africa – Enabling Africans to sell online with zero capital
  20. Convoy – Webhooks Gateway for outgoing and incoming webhooks.
  21. Lenco – Pan-African digital bank for Africa’s 50m businesses
  22. Dojah Inc – Prevent Fraud and Onboard Users Faster
  23. Grey – Banking services for remote workers and digital nomads
  24. Prembly (formerly Identitypass) – Identity Verification API for Emerging Markets
  25. Curacel – Modern Insurance Infrastructure for Emerging Markets
  26. Eazipay Inc – Simple Payroll Solution for Africa
  27. Plumter – Easy foreign payments for African merchants
  28. Heyfood – Doordash for Africa
  29. Touch and Pay Technologies Limited – Digitizing and processing Microtransactions in Africa
  30. Remedial Health – B2B E-commerce & Fintech platform for Pharmacies & Hospitals in Africa
  31. Mecho Autotech – On-demand auto maintenance & repairs
  32. Suplias – We enable FMCG distributors in Africa buy inventory on credit
  33. Payhippo – Loans to Nigeria’s SMEs in under 3 hours
  34. Infiuss Health – 2 sided Marketplace for accelerating medical research
  35. LemFi – Banking For Immigrants in North America and Europe
  36. Flux – Cross border Payments infrastructure for internet businesses and freelancers
  37. Vendease – Where restaurants in Africa buy food supplies
  38. Prospa – Banking for businesses in Nigeria
  39. Mono – Plaid for Africa, but better.
  40. Sendbox – Fulfillment by Amazon for African merchants
  41. Cowrywise – Digitizing wealth management in Africa
  42. Helicarrier (prev Buycoins) – Cryptocurrency infrastructure for Africa.
  43. Kobo360 – Africa’s leading supply chain technology platform.
  44. Helium Health –  Africa’s #1 healthcare technology provider.
  45. Releaf – Supply chain technology that provides inputs to African FMCGs
  46. Nomba – Banking and payment services for small businesses in Nigeria
  47. BuyPower – Modern bill payment platform for African businesses and consumers.
  48. Reliance Health – We make healthcare in emerging markets affordable and accessible
  49. Aella – Diversified credit infrastructure powering payments across Africa.
  50. Tizeti – ISP for Africa
  51. SEND – Flexport for Africa – Digital Freight forwarder and Customs Broker.
  52. Healthlane – Africa’s Preventative Health System
  53. Termii – Termii is Twilio for Africa.
  54. Bamboo – Bamboo ― the first online brokerage service for Africans and their asset managers
  55. Flutterwave – Helping businesses make and accept payments from anywhere in Africa.
  56. Schoolable – Tuition collection service for K-12 private schools in Africa
  57. Spring in Africa – Powerful multicurrency wallet 
  58. CredPal – CredPal is a buy now pay later company in Africa providing seamless credit access for businesses and individuals across developing economies.
  59. Thrive Agric – ThriveAgric help Farmers in Africa access finance, insight and Markets
  60. CrowdForce – Crowdforce is an app that allows any local merchant in Africa to become a bank branch within minutes.
  61. Paystack – Modern payments infrastructure for Africa
  62. 54Gene – Precision medicine for Africans and the global population

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