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LG Tone Free T90S Earbuds with Dolby Atmos Officially Unveiled

LG Tone Free T90S Earbuds

LG has introduced its latest TONE Free T90S model to the global market, including Kenya, one of its largest markets in Africa. The new T90S earbuds, which are designed to offer impressive sound for a heightened listening experience, boast an even more comfortable fit, and possess a range of useful features that are essential for elevated on-the-go listening pleasure.

Delivering an enriched audio experience with improved accuracy and clarity, the newest T90S earbuds use pure graphene for drivers, a departure from the conventional use of coated graphene. The lightweight and sustainable material is widely known for boosting performance and efficiency in advanced technologies such as semiconductors and solar cells. Pure graphene reduces vibrations and allows users to revel in well-balanced and precise sound with powerful bass and enhanced mid- and high-range frequencies, while maintaining a comfortable fit for users.

LG has always been devoted to delivering a comfortable fit without compromising performance. In collaboration with South Korea’s POSTECH Ergonomic Design Technology Lab, LG conducted extensive research on the human ear to determine how to fit the earbuds securely while applying the least amount of pressure, enabling use in various situations such as at work or during an intense workout.

LG’s T90 TONE Free series continues to provide an unmatched level of surround sound experience as the are the first Dolby Atmos earbuds to support Dolby Head Tracking™ across all content and devices. Dolby Head Tracking technology adapts audio based on users’ head movements, creating a dynamic sense of immersion that places listeners at the center. Whether listening to music, watching a movie or series, or engaging in all the action of a video game, the high-quality sound captivates users connecting through smartphones, tablets or large-screen TVs.

Additionally, these earbuds also offer added versatility through the Dolby Atmos Optimizer, which provides optimized surround sound based on three adjustable levels that cater to users’ preferences.

LG continues to present superior sound in partnership with Meridian Audio, featuring Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP), a specialized technology that delivers a clear center image, making listeners feel like they’re listening to a stereo sound system. In addition to natural, distortion-free sound, Meridian’s Perfect Balance technology allows T90S users to experience a consistent tonal balance despite the volume.

For flawless listening and call experiences, the T90S ensures optimal noise reduction through LG’s Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, which adapts the earbuds to surrounding noise levels in real time. What’s more, new ergonomically designed ear tips are designed to create a tighter seal, blocking out more noise, while ensuring a stable fit which enables ANC to perform more effectively.

For phone calls, the T90S earbuds deliver crystal-clear call quality, making it feel as if the caller is speaking right beside the user. LG has integrated a built-in three-microphone system and Voice Pickup Unit (VPU) to monitor background noise, pick up users’ voices and track jaw movements. T90S earbuds feature a new High Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) microphone, which further reduces ambient noise. A new algorithm further isolates speech from background noise to optimize dialogue quality and reduce noise.

With USB-C to AUX and USB-C to USB C cables included, the T90S charging case can be used as a transmitter, enabling seamless Bluetooth connectivity between the earbuds and non-Bluetooth devices like in-flight entertainment systems, gym treadmills, hotel TVs and more.

In addition to supporting Bluetooth codecs AAC and SBC for seamless connection with Apple and Android devices, the T90S is also compatible with the aptX Adaptive codec. With the LG TONE Free app, users can sync up to five external devices, eliminating the hassle of manually reconnecting when switching between devices. Moreover, the T90S supports multi-pairing, enabling users to connect to two source devices simultaneously.

Along with an elevated calling and listening experience, LG TONE Free earbuds ensure hygiene is at the forefront. The exclusive UVnano charging case, uses ultraviolet light to effectively eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on the ear gels of the earbuds within just 10 minutes of the powered charging cycle. Moreover, T90S earbuds adopt medical-grade, hypoallergenic ear gels that absorb dust and prevent dirt from accumulating, effectively reducing skin irritations.

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