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Kushite ICP Hosts Inter-University Hackathon to Showcase the Power of the Internet Computer (ICP) Platform

Kushite ICP

Kushite ICP set to host the Inter-University Hackathon, a month-long event showcasing the skills of over 700 talented students from 12 top universities across the region. The hackathon, focused on harnessing the transformative power of the Internet Computer (ICP) platform, is set to end on March 15, 2024.

Since its kickoff in January, the Inter-University Hackathon has had participants pushing the boundaries of decentralized computing. The students are not just engaged in a competition; they are tackling real-world challenges with innovation and technical skill. The projects currently in development spans various domains, demonstrating the versatility and potential applications of decentralized computing in addressing existing socio-economic challenges.

The Internet Computer Platform

The Internet Computer (ICP) is a blockchain-based computing platform developed by the DFINITY Foundation. It aims to extend the capabilities of the internet by providing a decentralized and secure environment for hosting smart contracts and applications. Key features of the Internet Computer platform include decentralized infrastructure, smart contracts, canister smart contracts, efficient scalability etc. ICP is positioned as a next-generation blockchain platform with the goal of revolutionizing the way applications are built, deployed, and run on the internet.

Speaking during the hackathon event, Kushite ICP CEO, Yvonne Kagondu said, “The ongoing competition is not just about engaging developers in a battle of wits; it’s about tackling real-world issues with creativity and technical skill. The enlisted projects currently in development span various domains, showcasing the versatility and potential applications of decentralised computing, with respect to solving existing socio-economic challenges.”

As the hackathon progresses, tech enthusiasts, industry professionals, and the wider public are encouraged to follow the event’s progress leading up to the eagerly anticipated project presentation on March 15th.

Beyond the hackathon, Kushite ICP is committed to facilitate innovation, collaboration, and community engagement throughout the month of February. The company has curated a series of workshops, webinars, and networking events, providing participants with opportunities to expand their knowledge, connect with industry professionals, and contribute to the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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