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The Average Poa Internet Customers Uses 200 GB of Data Per month

Poa Internet Kenya

enyan Internet Service Provider (ISP), Poa internet, disclosed that its customer base maintains an impressive monthly data consumption of 200GB on average. Co-founder and CEO, Andy Halsall, shared this revelation earlier today, underscoring Poa’s commitment to providing affordable internet services to a demographic often overlooked in Kenya.

Poa operates as a low-cost ISP with the primary objective of increasing internet accessibility for as many Kenyans as possible. While Kenya has high internet penetration compared to other African markets, the average data consumption lags behind that of most European counterparts. According to Andy, despite widespread internet access, the typical Kenyan uses1GB or less of data each month. He emphasizes that increased digitization is a catalyst for numerous positive societal changes, making greater internet utilization a desirable outcome.

The majority of individuals using less than 1GB of data are found in low-income neighborhoods and rural areas. Poa Internet strategically targets these demographics, and currently reports an impressive average customer data usage of 200GB per month—200 times more than the national average.

Poa Internet has established a substantial customer base, serving over 40,000 clients in Nairobi, Nakuru, and Mombasa. With plans for expansion into additional towns and other African countries, Poa Internet distinguishes itself by catering to areas often overlooked by key competitors such as Safaricom, Zuku, and JTL Faiba.

Moreover, Poa Internet offers a competitive advantage with its fixed monthly fee of Ksh 1500 for unlimited data usage at 4Mbps. The company’s emphasis on providing fast and reliable internet, particularly for video streaming, sets it apart in a market driven by a growing demand for online content. Poa attributes its success not only to its internet speeds but also to its affordability, a key differentiator in the industry.

Poa Internet employs 300 individuals in Kenya, with half of them being women. Notably, the majority of their workforce is recruited from the areas in which the company operates, contributing to local economic development.

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