Interview on Binance’s Commitment to Combating Crypto Crime

Binance law enforcement training

In a recent interview with Deputy Head of Financial Crime Compliance at Binance, Nils Anderson Röed, and Head of Law Enforcement Training, Jarek Jakubcek, I got some key insights into Binance’s proactive approach to combating crypto-related crime. The interview, conducted during their crypto training tour in Kenya, shed light on the exchange’s dedication to providing practical education and assistance to law enforcement agencies.

Crypto Education for Law Enforcement

Binance emphasized the significance of practical education for law enforcement, with a specific focus on Kenya, identified as one of the major markets in the crypto space according to Canalysis. The exchange highlighted its commitment to building partnerships that lead to a better understanding of interpreting data in the blockchain.

Partnerships and Crime Prevention

The interview touched on Binance’s efforts to forge partnerships as a two-way process, involving close cooperation with law enforcement. Sessions were conducted to build partnerships, where ideas about crime prevention and improved controls on illicit activities were shared. The collaboration has been particularly crucial in combating crypto fraud, a common occurrence in the industry.

Prevention Measures and Identifying Criminal Accounts

One standout feature discussed was Binance’s prevention mechanisms, including trigger warnings and the identification of criminal accounts. An impressive example highlighted a few months’ effort that resulted in identifying a criminal account involving $2 million in illicit funds. The user was unable to explain the source of these funds, and Binance played a key role in investigating and reporting the incident.

Global Reach and Compliance Measures

The exchange reported a staggering 50,000 law enforcement requests in 2022, handled by a team of 70 individuals dedicated to dealing with such inquiries. All Binance users undergo full verification processes, and the exchange employs anti-money laundering measures, elaborate transaction monitoring, and other compliance mechanisms.

International Collaboration and Security Measures

The interview also revealed Binance’s collaboration with international entities such as Interpol and its use of blockchain analytics tools. Binance employs a robust internal data protection framework to ensure that no personal information is shared with law enforcement agencies. Security teams actively monitor and coordinate efforts to combat suspicious activities.

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