Check Point Software’s Innovative MSSP Program Redefines Security Collaboration


Check Point has enhanced its MSSP Partner Program. This move addresses the critical workforce shortage in cybersecurity and the relentless rise in digital threats, aiming to reshape the managed security service landscape. The Global Managed Security Service Market is witnessing unprecedented growth, and Check Point’s program revamp is a direct response to the evolving needs of this dynamic market. The MSSP program is not merely undergoing incremental changes but is being revolutionized to offer a more robust, comprehensive, and flexible service model.

“MSSPs have a big opportunity to capitalize on the demand for their services, but they face their own challenges in a rapidly changing world, “said Shahar Divon, Head of Global SMB Sales at Check Point Software Technologies. “At the operational level, these teams spend too much time handling hundreds of alerts daily, tying up resources that could be better spent on more urgent requests. 

“That is where our MSSP Partner Program can deliver real value, not only for those that have security as a practice, but also MSPs that are looking for ways to protect their customers. We have now streamlined the business model and simplified the onboarding process, making it easier for partners of any size to access our innovative products and scale their operations as needed. We believe the simplicity and agility is what sets our program apart in the market.”

Key Highlights of the Enhanced Program:

  • Simplified Onboarding: Check Point has refined the onboarding process, making it straightforward for partners of varying sizes to offer top-tier security to their clients.
  • Predictable Revenue Streams and PAY-AS-YOU-GO Business Model: This innovative program introduces a consumption-based pricing model with fixed, pay-as-you-go, and tiered options, delivering flexibility and financial ease in an ever-changing economic landscape. It transforms how MSSPs access and provide Check Point services, making it more accessible and convenient through local distribution channels. 
  • Innovation at the Forefront: Partners are granted access to the latest managed security services across all vectors, including SASE, email security, cloud, SD-WAN, and mobile security. Solutions like Quantum SASE for streamlined management and Horizon Playblocks for enhanced security collaboration underscore Check Point’s commitment to innovation.
  • The Infinity Portal – A Unified Management Solution: This single management platform integrates all aspects of security management, from cloud and endpoint security to network security, powered by the comprehensive ThreatCloud AI. The Infinity Portal simplifies management, accelerates deployment, and enhances customer onboarding.
  • Training and Support: Check Point offers free training for partners to swiftly manage PAYG licenses via the Infinity Portal, with distributor support allowing MSSPs to start selling and benefitting immediately.
  • Scalability and Operational Agility: With Agile User Management, partners can efficiently manage user access and rapidly adjust the scale of services to meet client and market needs, showcasing Check Point’s understanding of the MSSP operational environment.
  • A Comprehensive Security Ecosystem: The program encompasses innovative security services across all attack vectors, enabling MSSPs to deliver a prevention-first strategy and handle the multitude of alerts more efficiently.

This consolidation of features and enhancements signifies Check Point’s dedication to empowering MSSPs with advanced tools and services, ensuring they are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity landscape. 

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