All You Need to Know About Safaricom Hook

Safaricom Hook

Yesterday, Safaricom announced the launch of Safaricom Hook, a platform dedicated towards to nurturing the potential of young Kenyans. Safaricom Hook focuses on three core aspects: technology, career, and culture, aiming to create opportunities and bridge gaps for the dynamic Gen Z demographic. in addition to these, Safaricom Hook offers customizable bundle offers similar to what we had with Safaricom Blaze.

Empowering Through Technology

Safaricom Hook is a gateway to a digital lifestyle for the youth. By offering smartphone access and essential digital skills training, Safaricom Hook equips young Kenyans with the tools they need for the tech-driven future. The platform includes initiatives like the Safaricom Digital Talent Programme and partnerships with organizations like the Power Learn Project, which empowers African youth through software development.

Unlocking Career Opportunities

In the ever-evolving job market, Safaricom Hook prepares young Kenyans for both traditional and unconventional careers. Collaborations with Meta, Wowzi, and Brighter Monday provide digital training. This helps the youth to enter the gig economy and explore diverse career paths.

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Celebrating Culture and Passion

Safaricom Hook also recognizes and supports the cultural and creative passions of the youth. From sports through Safaricom Chapa Dimba to content creation with Baze, which allows creators to monetize their music and videos, the platform fosters a nurturing environment for talent to flourish. Partnerships with organizations like Artfit also ensure that aspiring designers receive the mentorship they need to succeed.

Customizable Bundles

As for customizable bundles, you can start by choosing the validity period and then the amount you wish to spend. This allows users to make their perfect bundle depending on their needs and budget.

CEO’s Statement

Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom PLC, emphasized the company’s commitment to the youth of Kenya, saying, “At Safaricom, we are keen on helping our young people leverage the transformative power of technology. Through Safaricom Hook, we aim to provide a platform for young Kenyans seeking inspiration, opportunities, and a sense of belonging in a constantly evolving world. As the name suggests, Safaricom wants to create a lasting connection with a generation that has unique needs.”

How to Join Safaricom Hook

If you’re between the ages of 10 and 24, joining Safaricom Hook is just a few clicks away. Simply download the Safaricom Hook app or dial *555# to embark on your journey of empowerment.

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