How to Transfer Money from Your Bank to Airtel Money Wallet in Kenya

Airtel Money charges

As the cost of living in Kenya continues to rise, it’s essential to find ways to save on transaction fees. One of the most convenient methods is transferring money from your bank account to your Airtel Money wallet. Airtel Money offers a cost-effective solution for this purpose.

Know Your Bank Code

First and foremost, you need to be aware of your bank’s USSD code for mobile banking. Each bank in Kenya has its unique code for this service. Here are the USSD codes for some popular banks:

  • Equity Bank: *247#
  • KCB Bank: *522#
  • Co-operative Bank: *667#
  • ABSA Bank: *224#
  • Diamond Trust Bank (DTB): *382#
  • NCBA Bank: *488#
  • Standard Chartered Bank: Use the App

Dial the USSD Code

Once you have identified your bank’s USSD code, it’s time to initiate the transfer. Pick up your mobile phone and dial the USSD code associated with your bank. Make sure you use the same phone number that you initially registered for mobile banking with your bank.

Follow the Prompts

After dialing the USSD code, you will receive a menu of options on your screen. Follow the prompts that lead to the fund transfer option. These steps may vary slightly from bank to bank, so pay close attention to the instructions on your screen.

Enter the Amount and Airtel Money Number

You’ll be prompted to enter the amount you want to transfer and the recipient’s Airtel Money number. Ensure that you enter the correct Airtel Money number to avoid any errors.

Confirm the Transaction

Review the details of your transaction, including the amount and recipient’s number, to ensure accuracy. If everything looks correct, confirm the transfer. You may be asked to enter your mobile banking PIN for security purposes.

Transaction Completed

Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation message on your screen. You will also receive a confirmation SMS from your bank. The transferred funds should reflect in your Airtel Money wallet almost instantly.

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