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How to Make Money With TikTok in Kenya

TikTok App

TikTok is the most popular platform at the moment. According to the Reuters Institute, over 54% of Kenyans actively use the platform. This is the highest globally and just shows how popular the app is. Most of the people using the app do so as a source of entertainment not knowing that they can make money through the platform. So, how can you as a Kenyan make money with TikTok? I will highlight some of the main ways you can do so below.

Live Broadcast Gifts

The first and well known way to make money is through Live gifts. Creators can go Live and ask their viewers to send them gifts that they can later convert to money. The more gifts of high value (gifts that cost more coins) that you get, the more money you can get.

To go live, you have to have over 1000 followers and this I believe is a measure by TikTok to deal with spammers who may want to manipulate the system.

To get more TikTok gifts, you ought to make your Live broadcasts interesting for your viewers to be compelled to gift you and come back the next time you go live. 

TikTok Series

Creators can also make money by selling their content as premium content that people can subscribe to view. This is ideal for bigger creators who have an audience that may be willing to pay for exclusive content.

One TikTok series can have up to 80 videos, each up to 20 minutes long and creators have the freedom to choose how much to charge for access. If you create unique and interesting content, this may be perfect for you. Before you do so, these are the requirements before creating a `

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • The account should be older than 30 days.
  • Have over 10K followers.
  • Have more than  three public videos posted within the last 30 days.
  • Have at least 1K authentic video views within the last 30 days.

Affiliate Marketing

When done correctly, affiliate marketing can be a good source of revenue for TikTok creators. Affiliate marketing involves promoting and directing your followers to a particular website encouraging them to buy a certain product. You earn a commission on every purchase they make as these can be tracked through the personalized links you share with them. In Kenya, you can be an affiliate marketer for sites like Jumia and joining is free. To earn a significant amount, you need a huge following of loyal fans. 

Brand Partnerships

Another way to make money through TikTok is through brand partnerships. This is where companies can pay you to make a video promoting their product or service to your followers. This can make you a lot of money compared to the other options if you have a decent following. You need to be consistent in your postings to attract companies to your page. 

Sell Your Own Products or Services

Lastly, you can use your TikTok page to sell your products or offer services. You can offer services such as TikTok marketing strategies for small businesses or even sell physical products if you have any. Starting from this, you can build your own brand that can grow to be independent from your TikTok page.

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