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Wowzi and Next Media Unveil Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Digital Marketing in Uganda


Next Media, Uganda’s largest media network, has joined forces with Wowzi to unveil Next Wowzi. This innovative platform, launched in Uganda, is poised to revolutionize digital marketing and address youth unemployment by harnessing the potential of influencer marketing.

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The launch event took place at the prestigious Next Media Park, attracting a distinguished audience including industry luminaries, top influencers, major corporations, and notable organizations. The occasion marked the official introduction of Next Wowzi’s pioneering platform, underlining the power of this strategic partnership.

Co-founder and President of Wowzi, Mike Otieno, and Next Media’s CEO, Kin Kariisa, took the stage with shared enthusiasm. Otieno expressed, “We’re thrilled to introduce Next Wowzi to Uganda’s dynamic digital landscape. This platform will serve as a streamlined conduit for influencers to connect with brands, presenting sustainable employment prospects for the youth and reshaping the marketing sector.”

The Ugandan launch of Next Wowzi signifies a pivotal advancement in the influencer marketing domain. With a rapidly expanding digital presence and a growing number of Ugandans embracing the internet and social media platforms, the timing is impeccably aligned for Next Wowzi’s entrance. The platform is set to redefine influencer marketing by establishing a seamless bridge between brands and influential content creators, thereby simplifying the entire process.

A key highlight of the launch was Next Wowzi’s commitment to generating employment opportunities, with a target of creating 1.5 million jobs over the next five years. Kariisa emphasized, “Our collaboration with Wowzi underscores our dedication to empower the youth, offering them a path to financial autonomy and professional advancement through the realm of digital technology.”

Ugandan influencers are extended an invitation to join Next Wowzi for a rewarding experience in the realm of influencing. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface, advanced analytics, a diverse range of brand partnerships, and a firm commitment to nurturing enduring associations between influencers and brands.

Next Wowzi is positioned to reshape the influencer marketing landscape, while simultaneously fostering economic growth and establishing sustainable career prospects for the nation’s youth.

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