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Airtel Kenya Expands Network Coverage to Meet Growing Demand

Airtel Kenya network expansion

Airtel Kenya has today announced plans to expand its network coverage in order to meet the growing demand for data services. Airtel has sketchy coverage in some areas in Kenya and hopefully this move will help address that. The expansion project includes the deployment of 349 new sites by the end of the year, with an additional 300 sites in the pipeline. This move shows Airtel’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and improving service quality for its customers.


Presently, Airtel Kenya’s network infrastructure already covers 89% of the country, with over 3,200 sites spread across all 47 counties. The company aims to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals, businesses, and communities with its continuous expansion and innovative efforts. Airtel recognizes that customer needs are constantly evolving, and it strives to stay one step ahead by anticipating these desires and providing solutions that surpass expectations.

In response to the challenges faced by customers in areas with poor network connectivity, Airtel says it has embraced cutting-edge technologies and innovations. These initiatives include the deployment of LTE on the 2600MHz band to expand network capacity and prepare for future 5G rollout. Airtel has also introduced VOLTE (Voice over LTE) and Esim technology, along with small cell/street solutions in densely populated areas such as Eastland. These measures aim to enhance connectivity, improve service quality, and provide a reliable network experience.

Airtel Kenya is yet to roll out 5G in Kenya unlike its rival, Safaricom. Safaricom has had 5G in select areas in Kenya. 5G adoption is still at its infancy but it is the future and Airtel wants to get its network ready for this.

Mr. Olusegun Ogunsanya, Group CEO of Airtel Africa, expressed the company’s commitment to delivering an exceptional data experience to all customers, regardless of their location. The network expansion efforts are driven by the goal of ensuring seamless communication for users across the entire country. Airtel continues to invest in new technologies and innovations that further enhance connectivity and improve service quality, thus fulfilling their promise of seamless communication.

Apart from expanding its network coverage, Airtel Kenya is also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As part of its network expansion plans, the company is implementing a decarbonization strategy to reduce its environmental footprint. Measures include replacing end-of-life batteries with greener lithium-ion batteries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, Airtel is exploring low-carbon alternative fuels for backup energy generation and utilizing solar energy to power its network infrastructure.

In addition to its focus on network expansion and sustainability, Airtel Kenya remains dedicated to offering competitive pricing and tariff plans to ensure its services remain accessible to all Kenyans. The company understands the importance of balancing business needs with environmental responsibility, thereby helping protect the environment while providing customers with the best possible service.

Airtel Kenya’s network expansion plans are expected to contribute to an improved market position for the company. However, the focus remains on offering competitive pricing and tariff plans to ensure that its services remain accessible to all Kenyans.

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