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Tingg by Cellulant Automates Payments for Petrol Stations in Ghana

Cellulant Tingg payments Ghana

As Ghana’s mobile money market continues to flourish, businesses face the challenge of managing multiple payment methods efficiently. In response, Cellulant, a leading pan-African payments technology company, has launched Tingg by Cellulant’s In-Store solution. This innovative payment collection point enables Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) in Ghana to streamline their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost revenue growth.


Ghana has emerged as a leader in sub-Saharan Africa when it comes to mobile money adoption. With over 50% of the adult population having mobile money accounts, the country has witnessed remarkable growth in its digital payments landscape. This surge has paved the way for various payment platforms and solutions, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and consumers across the nation.

Despite the growth in mobile money usage, many businesses operating at scale in Ghana still face obstacles in making and receiving payments. The primary challenge lies in establishing connections with multiple payment methods, including card networks and mobile money service providers. This complexity can hinder businesses from accessing online and offline payments efficiently.

To address these payment challenges, Cellulant has introduced In-Store on its Tingg digital payments platform. This solution revolutionizes the way businesses collect payments by offering a single point of collection across multiple payment options and channels, without the need for expensive hardware or software installations.

Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) can significantly benefit from Tingg’s In-Store solution. With numerous branches and multiple tills within each branch, OMCs often struggle to provide a seamless payment experience. However, Tingg’s solution empowers OMCs to track and reconcile transactions effortlessly, reducing the risk of fraud and errors. This increased transparency and accountability build trust among stakeholders, leading to improved customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Tingg by Cellulant has already made a significant impact in Ghana’s petrol stations. Some of the notable OMCs benefitting from Tingg’s seamless payments include Star Oil, Zen Petroleum, Glory Oil, Nick Petroleum, Petrosol, Shell (Vivo Energy), BF Petroleum, and GTA (Groupe TransAfrica). Customers can conveniently pay for their fuel using USSD, QR codes, or the Tingg App. The solution also extends to in-store purchases, allowing customers to make cashless payments by simply using their mobile devices. As a result, OMCs utilizing Tingg have experienced a remarkable 50% increase in efficiency in collection and transaction management.

Tingg’s Additional Features: Apart from providing a comprehensive payment solution, the Tingg platform offers businesses an integrated reporting and settlement dashboard. This feature provides a single view of all collections from various channels, allowing businesses to gain valuable insights. Furthermore, Tingg’s messaging tools enable businesses to engage with and connect to their customers effectively.

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