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Review of the Miriam – The WhatsApp-based AI Content Generator

Miriam AI content generator

We all know by now that content is king. In a single month, millions of blog posts, social media content, sales content etc get generated.  Content is definitely an important investment for marketers and content creators across the world.

Understanding the importance of creating content is one thing, generating the content is where the challenge is. Creating content is not easy as it requires high levels of creativity and time. This makes it difficult for most people who in the end decide to abandon their content generation plans while others may end up generating subpar content.

So, what is the solution? Well, you can start with AI content generator. One such tool is Miriam. This is a WhatsApp-based AI virtual assistant that can be used to generate blog topic ideas, intros, ad copy, social media posts and much more. All you have to do is tell Miriam what content you need generated and sit back and have it do that for you.

The tool was created in collaboration between two Kenyan companies, Kenoobi AI and Growthpad Digital Consulting. Speaking to Duncan Njue who is the Director of Miriam and the CEO of Growthpad, he said that any individual or business in Kenya can use the tool for their content generation needs. This tool can be perfect for small businesses in Kenya that do not have the time or resources to have a dedicated staff for content generation. This is the case with most small businesses and startups in Kenya that still need the content for business growth but they just don’t have enough resources for a dedicated team.

How to use Mariam for content writing?

I have had the chance to use Miriam just to test it out and so far I have been impressed. It can be a very useful tool for anyone who wants to generate content and may be stuck and not sure what words to use.

You can also use this tool to help you finish writing the content you had started working on when your creative juices stop flowing.

I tried using the tool to generate content for some reviews I have been working on and the results were quite good. Have a look at this one below.

Miriam AI review

Miriam AI review

The tool was able to generate the text with accurate information just from me giving it the topic. This was all generated in just a few seconds. This just shows you that you are free to use it with any topic you may have in mind.

Keep in mind that this is not a “Content spinner” that rewrites already existing content using synonyms. This generates new content from scratch using key information that you provide. All this can be done conveniently on your phone through WhatsApp.

How to get started with this tool

To get started using Miriam, go to their website or directly through WhatsApp When you get started, you will get to use the service for free at first just to see if it is right for you.

The content generation process involves two steps:

Describe what you want to be generated: Here is where you describe what content you want generated. This can be simple as ‘Write copy for social media post for my restaurant.’ Keep an eye for typos as these might affect the kind of content you get. The AI tool generates content on what you provide not what it thinks you want. The input can also be as detailed as ‘Generate Twitter Posts on Entrepreneurship for the next one week.’

Copy and post the content: one the tool has generated the content, copy it and use it as you would like. You know own the copyright and can use it anywhere you like.

Who is this tool best for?

As I have mentioned above, anyone who creates content can use this tool. It is for those who want to save time and speed up their content creation and copywriting processes. It specializes in generating content for social media, blogs, eCommerce websites, websites, digital ad content and even sales content.

The content generated is original and at the moment the tool can only generate content in English.

The tool is free to try when you set it up for the first time. You do get 1,000 tokens that you can use to test out the service. Once you use up all your available free tokens, you will be able to buy additional ones for Ksh 500 for 2000 tokens, Ksh 1000 for 5000 tokens or Ksh 5000 for 30,000 tokens.

What are these tokens? With Miriam, 1 Word Token = Approximately 8 Characters. You use up your tokens as you continue using the tool to generate content. This is Good as you end up paying for what you use. You can top up your tokens directly through WhatsApp or through the website.

If Miriam sounds like a good AI content generation tool for you, visit the website here or through WhatsApp

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