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The importance of creating a convenient, easy App user experience

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There is nothing worse than something that does not work as it should! This is especially true for Apps, the handy platforms that bring convenience, functionality and entertainment to mobile device users’ lives. Nowadays, a mobile device user doesn’t even need to leave their house for anything, having the ability to shop, communicate and keep themselves entertained – all through their smartphone.

A strong user experience could make the difference between an App that soars in popularity, and one which is soon forgotten. After all, there are millions of Apps out there to choose from and chances are that there are at least a couple which provide similar services or offerings. Since App users have the ability to choose, and will simply switch to another App if one is too difficult or cumbersome to use (or takes too long to load or doesn’t even work etc.), it is imperative that a smooth, convenient user experience is created and maintained.

With this in mind, HUAWEI offers App developers an array of HMS Core Integration Kits. These kits bring added functionality and smoother operations to an App, ensuring integrated Apps run slickly and efficiently for Huawei device users. Here are five of the best kits and what they offer to a developer.         

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HMS Core Analytics Kit

Getting to know more about the users of their App, including their preferences, behaviours, likes and dislikes is key for an App developer. One of the easiest and quickest kits to integrate into an App, the Analytics Kit, provides App user behaviour insights. Included with this kit are comprehensive user behaviour analysis, full-lifecycle user insights, algorithm-empowered predictions, and flexible audience segmentation. These allow a developer to make informed decisions on product optimisation and marketing.

HMS Core Ads Kit

Who doesn’t want to make extra revenue from their App creation? Aside from user reach, revenue is a great indicator of the success of an App. With the Ads Kit, a developer is given the ability to make more money through high-quality and personalised Ads which are served to their App. With this kit, the developer works seamlessly with third-party advertising and tracking platforms, while still protecting user privacy, to gain increased revenue.

HMS Core In-App Purchases Kit

A report published by BusinessofApps indicated that the amount of revenue from in-App purchases is increasing significantly year on year. A 42% increase was seen from 2019 to 2020, with last year’s number sitting at $85.3 billion.

Like the Ads Kit, the In-App Purchases Kit gives a developer the chance to make more money from their App. Simplifying the inclusion of in-App purchasing methods, this kit not only allows the developer to rather focus on innovating and App development, but also makes in-App purchases easy for users.

HMS Core Map Kit

Getting App users where they need to go easily and quickly, or showing them how far away their purchase is, are key parts to many Apps. The Map Kit provides personalised map display and interactions which make location-based services work better for an App. Multiple travel modes are supported, including driving, cycling, and walking, as well as covering numerous countries and regions around the world.

HMS Core Site Kit 

Directing users to the location-based service they need makes an App accessible to more people. For example, a restaurant which provides a lot of information about itself is more likely to be favoured than one which a user can’t find any information on. The Site Kit offers many search capabilities, including place search, time zone search, geocoding, and administrative region search.

To find out more about these integration kits, as well as the many others which HUAWEI offers, click here.


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