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As we celebrate Earth Day, purpose to buy environmentally friendly products next time you go shopping.

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On 22nd April, the world celebrates Earth Day – an annual environmental campaign that brings attention to the effects of climate change by asking people to switch off lights at homes and businesses for an hour. Its main objective is to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

More than one billion people and close to 100,000 organizations in over 190 countries now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world.

It is immensely important to celebrate Earth day each year because it recognizes the harm humans are capable of causing while showing the massive amounts of support across the globe for protecting the Earth and the environment.

This year, as we reflect and remember the significance of the health of the planet and what we can all do to help ensure that health, it is important to be aware of the relationship between some of the products we purchase and the effects they may have on the environment, either positive or negative.

The growth in eco-conscious customers world over cannot be gainsaid. These days, customers are feeling a deeper connection with the brands they buy and look to associate with those aligning with their strong beliefs, especially in regards to environmental protection.

Beyond switching off lights for an hour- associated with the Earth day, let’s look at how some brands have stepped-up environmental action and focused on sustainability by investing in projects that benefit the environment as well as environmentally friendly products.

One such brands is LG Electronics. The company is committed to the goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions from its operations around the globe in the next nine years through its Zero Carbon 2030 initiative. It even went ahead to establish a Carbon Fund in 2017 to support the development of GHGreducing technologies and solutions through the virtual cycle concept wherein all profits from the fund investments are funneled back into the effort to reduce greenhouse gases.

The revolutionary DUAL Inverter Compressor technology inside LG’s air conditioners never stops adjusting speed for the perfect temperatures without wasting electricity thanks to its lower speed. The compressor reduces electricity usage by 70 percent despite cooling rooms 40 percent faster than conventional models.

Secondly, DUAL Inverter Heat Pump is a marvel of energy efficiency, working with LG’s high-performing dryers and water heaters with its outstanding energy efficiency rating of A+++-10 percent and lower temperatures that go easy on clothes so they last longer. Remarkably, LG Styler employs Inverter Heat Pump to recycle heat from damp air inside the cabinet.

In addition, LG washing machines with AI Direct Drive motor reduce clothing damage by 18 percent, meaning less clothes filling landfills.

Furthermore, with the LG ThinQ app, energy monitoring dashboards display monthly usage information for compatible appliances so users can see where they might be able to save energy by modifying their behavior. Vacation mode is another way to minimize energy use in the home. Active Save tracks refrigerator openings throughout the day and automatically switches power modes depending on usage.

When it comes to TVs, LG’s OLED self-lit technology ticks the most environmentally-friendly boxes. OLED models have no backlight meaning fewer plastic parts and less indoor air pollution. Lastly, OLED has a comparatively high recycle rate and doesn’t contain hazardous substances like cadmium and indium phosphide.

As you will note from the few examples above, LG’s commitment to the planet is evident in every one of its core technologies, the kind of commitment that should drive you to consider purchasing their energy saving products the next time you go shopping

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