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3 Ways the LG NanoCell TVs Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Viewing Experience

LG NanoCell TV Range scaled

The LG NanoCell TVs are all about improved picture quality and viewing experience. Besides relying on the nano particles it uses to filter out unwanted wavelengths of light for the best experience, these TVs also employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to take that experience further.

Detecting the content Type

The LG NanoCell TV is able to detect the content that is on the screen and adjust the settings accordingly. This is possible through the AI processors it comes with that detect the genre of the content you are watching and optimize the picture and sound for the best experience.

Switching from Sports to a movie does not mean that you have to go to settings to adjust the viewing mode, the TV will do that for you automatically and save you the headache.

Analysing the Room

Thanks to the LG NanoCell AI Processor, you are guaranteed to get the best picture and balanced sound for the specific room that you are in. The TV uses the remote to pinpoint your location and deliver optimized audio and picture to you.

The environment detection happens automatically and you do not have to do anything from your end. This means that you will get the best picture and sound balanced for you no matter where you are sitting in the room.

Support for Voice Commands

Smart Voice assistants are all around us and now on our TVs. With the LG NanoCell TVs, you can control the TV, apps and search for content in real time just by using your voice. You can switch off the TV by just saying that command or search for a specific content on any video on demand service just by using your voice.

The TV can understand your accent so say it naturally and it will understand you.

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