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Compfix Data Re Launches DataBank; its flagship cloud backup solution in Kenya

David Njoroge DataBank Director

For every business, data is very important and needs to be protected at all costs. In Kenya alone, over 45 terabytes of data is lost annually leading to incalculable financial and downtime losses to the economy. This was revealed late last month by Compfix Data, a data management firm based in Nairobi. The company revealed this when it was launching its new cloud backup solution, DataBank.

With over ten year of experience in data recovery services, Compfix has handled several cases involving data loss for individual and companies of all sizes. Having seen most of the previous clients coming back for the same services, the company saw an opportunity that involves preventing this from happening rather than waiting to fix the problem when it happens.

“While natural disasters like fire, flood, etc are viewed as the causes of data loss and are the ones that are normally referenced to (at the company’s management level) when a disaster recovery plan  is being put in place, 76% cases of data loss in normally as result of system failures and human errors,” Njoroge said

Enter DataBank!

In the year 2010, when cloud computing was viewed with skeptical minds, Compfix Data Limited began introducing the cloud backup solution to its data recovery clients as remedy to incidences of data loss. Njoroge noted that it has not been an easy task to convince these clients who are used to conventional methods to switch to the cloud. However, companies have come to appreciate what cloud has to offer in terms simplicity, ease of use and saving on capital expenditure. This prompted Compfix Data to re launch DataBank in a bid to increase awareness of the alternative method of backing up data.

DataBank is a renewable cloud backup solution where users subscribe for space (In Gigabytes) according to their business needs.

“Once you subscribe, your computing environment will be installed with client software that takes charge of scanning through your files and folders for changes, compress and encrypt any new or changed data,” said Njoroge.

DataBank has enterprise features that support major operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS and common application databases.

One feature that sets DataBank apart from the rest is its in-built data verification that ensures the data you back up is recoverable by constantly checking its integrity.  To add on this, DataBank’s set-it-and-forget approach eliminates the human interaction hence leaving you to concentrate on your main business functions. Once configured, it runs in background as per your pre-defined schedules scanning through your data files for changes, encrypt before updating the same to your backup copy on the cloud. This solution has no real time backups but has less schedule times to ensure nothing is left out.

Compared to other backup solutions, DataBank tends to be fast when restoring and backing up data since the data is hosted locally.

What is also great about DataBank is of course the fact that you can count on it when it comes to restoring your files in the event of any data loss. DataBank is always up to date and its backup reports are always sent to one’s preferred email address to notify clients on the backup status.

“If we go by the average cost of recovery of a RAID Application server which is KES 350,000, the same amount is enough to back up the same application server for three years using a solution like DataBank,” Njoroge concluded.

DataBank is available for a 30 day free trial before subscription.

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