March 26, 2017



The itel S11 Review – Entry Level Selfie Smartphone

Having a good selfie camera is a must these days. We take so many selfies every day and thus need a camera that can handle this without breaking the bank. This is exactly what...

Infinix Zero 3 Vs Zero 4

The Infinix Zero 4 Vs The Infinix Zero 3: What’s New and Different?

A few days ago, we reviewed the Infinix Zero 4, the latest smartphone from Infinix to be launched in Kenya. After the review, one question that I got in my email from a few...

Infinix Zero 4

The Infinix Zero 4 Review –Day in the Life!

20 Days with the Infinix Zero 4 Infinix has three main smartphone series on the market, the Hot series, Note series and the Zero series. The Zero series is the company’s...

Oppo F1s Display

The Oppo F1s – Pros and Cons

The Oppo F1s is one of the latest smartphones to be launched in Kenya. The phone is dubbed ‘the Selfies Expert’ and true to that, it takes some good selfies. We have already...

Huawei P9 Lite Review

The Huawei P9 Lite Review: Does It Live Up To Expectations?

The Huawei P9 Lite is the younger brother to the flagship P9 that we reviewed a few months ago. The P9 is a flagship and this means that it is expensive and out of reach for most...

Oppo F1s Review

The OPPO F1s Review: Excellent Build and Performance

A couple of weeks ago, OPPO launched the F1s in Kenya. The company is referring to this as the ‘Selfie expert’ showing clearly that it is using it to target the younger...

tecno phantom 6 vs phantom 5

The Tecno Phantom 6 Plus Vs the Tecno Phantom 5: Which One Should You Choose?

A few weeks ago, Tecno launched the Phantom 6 and 6 Plus smartphones that are supposed to take over from the Phantom 5 which the company released last year. With the launch of...


The Tecno Phantom 6 Plus Review

Tecno launched its 2016 flagship smartphone in Kenya back in October. This year, Tecno released two variants of this phone, the standard Phantom 6 and the Phantom 6 Plus. The two...


Tecno Phantom 6 Review – They ALMOST Did It!

It’s been really really long but here it is, our review of the Phantom 6! Some of you probably already have the device, some are still thinking whether to buy it or not. So...

Fero Royale X1

The Fero Royale X1 Review: Is It The One?

The Kenyan smartphone market is not easy to crack. We have seen many manufacturers try to get into this market with some of them succeeding and some failing miserably. Even with...

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