December 11, 2017

Kaluka wanjala

cyber attack

What Should You Do When Hit By A Cyber Attack?

Over the last couple of years, we have seen rising cases of cyber attacks targeting individuals and organizations. According to cyber security experts, we should expect to see...

Jumia Travel

Technologies that will enhance hotel experience in 2018

As we look forward to closing the year, Jumia Travel takes a keen look at emerging and growing hotel technologies that will shape the new year. Voice Adaptation, anyone home?...

android wear

Android Oreo to Roll Out to Android Wear Devices from Today

Google announced the Oreo-based Android Wear beta build back in October. This was the first build meant for early adopters who wanted to test out the operating system before its...

MySafaricom app

M-Shwari Services Will Be Available on the Safaricom App Very Soon

As Safaricom and CBA celebrated M-Shwari’s 5th anniversary yesterday, the telco revealed that M-Shwari services will be added to the Safaricom app very soon. If you have used...

YouTube Go

Five Things You Need to Know About YouTube Go

Yesterday, Google announced that YouTube Go is now available to users in Kenya. The app is available through the Play Store but is still in development and those who download it...

YouTube Go

YouTube Go Is Now Available to All Users in Kenya

Google has launched YouTube Go in Kenya, an app that will give users access to YouTube regardless of their connectivity. YouTube Go, a mobile app built from the ground up to...


Blockchain and its role in enhancing capacity among businesses

Blockchain technology has the potential to increase the efficiency and value of the accounting function by reducing the costs of maintaining and reconciling ledgers. This is...

android go

Google Renames Its Ultra-Light OS For Low End Devices From Android Go to Android Oreo (Go Edition)

Back in May this year, Google announced its new ultra-light OS for low end devices that it called Android Go. The company was clear that this was not a new version of Android and...

Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome For Android To Finally Get HDR Video Support

When it comes to video quality on mobile device, HDR (High Dynamic Range) is as good as it gets. It widens the colour range and improves luminosity range and this leads to greater...

OPPO F5 youth

The OPPO F5 Youth Is Up On Pre-Order, It Will Go On Sale on December 15, 2017

A few weeks ago, OPPO unveiled its latest selfie-centric device, the OPPO F5, in Kenya. This is just one of the three variants of the phone that the company will be bringing into...