December 10, 2018



Cyber In(Security) In Kenya: The latest threats and how best to protect against them

Kenya has the highest internet penetration in Africa with over 31 million people having access to the internet, according to a report by Jumia Business Intelligence and GSMA...

Huawei y series 2018 kenya

Evolution of the 2018 Huawei Y Series in Kenya

This year, we have seen three main devices under the Huawei Y Series. This is the company’s line targeting the youth and this year we got the Huawei Y5 Prime 2018, Huawei Y7...


Making the benefits of technology accessible for the youth in Kenya

Digital skills are becoming essential for the jobs of today and tomorrow. From digital literacy to computer science education, these skills can open the door to greater economic...

LG Instaview

How LG heeds the important call of food freshness as a means to a healthier world

The Obesity epidemic is steadily rising globally. According to the World Health Organisation, worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. In 2016, more than 1.9 billion...

Equitel growth

Equitel in double digit growth driven by mobile payments

Equitel has recorded double digit growth in both the value and number of mobile money commerce transactions, according to the latest data from the Communications Authority....

LG ThinQ Kitchen

How these LG appliances could make the kitchen your favorite room

Throughout history, the kitchen has often been regarded as a less-than-ideal section of the house — a functional room that is only necessary to facilitate comfort in the...

mKey app

How to Get A Loan Through the mKey App

It is almost the middle of the month and you may be running out of money or just need a few extra shillings to complete the project you had started. We all get to a point where we...


Five Reasons Why the LG OLED TVs Are Better Than LCD TVs

OLED technology is the latest trend sweeping the television industry. We have seen a number of OLED TVs on the market and LG is one of the main players here. When OLED displays...

LG OLED TV 2018 Kenya

LG OLED TV Technology

LG TVs have a unique OLED technology that simplifies the OLED production, improves viewing experience and lowers the manufacturing cost. LG is one of the leading OLED TV...

LG Logo

Beyond great product offerings, LG also values great customer experience

Walk into any of the LG showrooms and you immediately feel the difference in the experience that makes this establishment stand out from your typical electronics outlet. There is...