October 16, 2018



How YouTube is helping reclaim the lost art of apprenticeship

We live in a fast-paced century. Half the time at work is spent keeping up with and adapting to new technologies and the demands of an increasingly digital economy. A consequence...

LG OLED TV in kenya

Why You Should Consider Buying an LG OLED TV

TV technology has improved over the past couple of years. We have seen some of these changes especially with OLED TVs with LG being one of the companies making moves in this...

LG OLED TV in kenya

What You Need to Know About the New LG OLED TVs

LG expanded its OLED TV portfolio this year with the addition of new sets in early 2018. The company has been focusing on premium TVs that offer a different experience from what...

Google Maps

Six cool Google Maps tricks that will make your life easier

If you are a frequent Google Maps user, you’ve probably already figured out many of its features beyond the basic location services. For instance, you probably know that you can...


What’s New With the 2018 LG OLED TVs

LG started the year on a good foot as it was honored with more than 90 awards at CES 2018. The awards recognized LG’s innovation in the home entertainment sector thanks to some...

LG ThinQ

What LG ThinQ AI promises Consumers

Earlier this year at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), LG took that stage and introduced ThinQ AI, its official dive into AI. The company also introduced a number of ThinQ branded...

connected home

The dream of connected homes could yet be closer for emerging markets

By Charles Kimari For the past several years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has remained the industry’s biggest buzzword for its promise of delivering seamless connectivity...


Technology trends shaping the hospitality sector

Technology is progressively becoming the backbone of the hospitality sector, and the impact is significantly being felt by hoteliers in their interactions with consumers. Below...

LG ThinQ AI kenya

What You Need to Know About LG ThinQ

If you have been following what LG has been doing this year, you may have seen the company use the word ‘ThinQ’ on some of its products from the new OLED TVs to smartphones....

LG Alpha 9 intelligent processor

How Vital is The Alpha 9 Intelligent Processor in LG OLED TVs

Earlier this year at CES, LG announced the latest version of its TV-focused “Alpha” processor, the Alpha 9 intelligent processor. This new processor replaces the Alpha 7 and...