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Technology 2023 Review: The Best of the Year


Every year, many technology lovers look forward to news about the upcoming technologies. Many online reviews show the best new technology that awaits users in the coming year. In this review, we will tell you about the best novelties, and if you want to make money quickly to buy a new gadget, try placing bets on the 22Bet website.


Metaverse not only from Meta

On the one hand, Metaverse refers to a digital and interactive environment that can be entered using virtual reality glasses. Users can work, play, meet or shop there as avatars. But the metaverse also includes applications that display digital information in the user’s real field of view. “For me, Metaverse is the next generation of the internet,” said Steve Koenig, market research manager at the trade show organizer, the US trade association CTA. got carried away by this trend that he even renamed his company Facebook to Meta. For example, HTC is expected to release a product that competes with Meta’s Quest VR glasses. And Sony, even before the start of CES, announced that the new Playstation VR2 virtual reality glasses will be presented in February this year. Among other things, the headset has four built-in cameras that capture the movements of the controller and players, including the direction of their gaze.

Metaverse apps are also gaining momentum, with car maker Stellantis and Microsoft unveiling a Metaverse showroom at CES, for example. And a company called OVR is introducing a solution that can be used to convey smells in the metaverse. In 2023, Apple can still bring big changes to the market. Some observers are confident that the iPhone will launch its first headset on the market this year. Apple boss Tim Cook is enthusiastic about the “augmented reality” approach, in which digital data complements the analog world. However, Apple traditionally does not show its cards at CES, but focuses on its own events.

Self-driving cars

Autonomous cars will move around cities and the countryside much safer than human-driven cars. Almost all experts agree with this. But when self-driving cars will finally be ready to enter the market remains to be seen. Last year, the end of highly acclaimed startup Argo AI shocked the industry, with Volkswagen and Ford cutting off funding for the Robocar project and writing off $4.5 billion. But it was clear at CES that the industry had not given up on the vision of automated and autonomous cars. At the same time, companies are taking technically different approaches. While Tesla has long relied entirely on cameras to detect its surroundings, most other players rely on a mixture of radar and laser sensors (lidar).

Tesla boss Elon Musk announced an innovation in the automotive sector, the so-called 4D Imaging Radar. In this system, many small radar antennas must be integrated into one system. It is claimed to achieve a much finer resolution, similar to that of the much more expensive lidar system. The coming months will show if Musk can keep his promises.

End of the Chip Crisis 

During the pandemic years, many chips were in short supply due to disruptions in key supply chains and procurement policy errors as demand for electronic products increased. According to CTA manager Koenig, this year the situation may change. “The huge demand of the times of the pandemic is weakening. And that’s good news because it means the chips are finally available again,” Koenig said. Excessively long lead times are slowly bouncing back, in part because more production capacity is starting up. However, for the industry, this may be a harbinger of another problem: “We will move from a shortage of chips to a possible oversupply.”

Flying cars and taxis

This is no longer the scenario of a science fiction film, but the reality of 2023. The so-called eVTOLs are electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. As planned, flying will be as easy as driving a car on the road, which means that difficult and lengthy training and a pilot’s license will not be needed, moreover, such trips will reduce travel time. The first flying taxi is expected to be launched in Japan.

Merging the digital and physical world

The trend of increased integration between the digital and physical realms will persist in 2023, with the utilization of digital twin and 3D printing technologies. Digital twins are virtual simulations of tangible processes or products that can be used to experiment with new concepts within a safe digital space. Designers and engineers can replicate physical objects in virtual environments using digital twins, enabling them to test ideas and conduct experiments at no cost.

In 2023, digital twins will experience even greater implementation across various industries, including engineering and healthcare. Following testing in a virtual setting, engineers can customize and adjust components, subsequently producing them in the real world using 3D printing technology.

For instance, Formula 1 teams acquire data transmitted by sensors during races, which they then use to feed the digital twins of their car’s engines and components, simulating real-world scenarios and implementing any necessary changes. The improved 3D printed parts are then produced based on these test outcomes.

Passkeys – the future without passwords

An extension built into the browser and OS of smartphones that gives access to data without using a password. This works like this: a unique key is generated on the user’s device and sent to a website for authorization using fingerprinting or a face scanning system instead of a password. The main feature of this new development by Google, Microsoft, and Apple: the system seriously complicates phishing password theft. This will be progressing in cybersecurity.

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