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Should You Invest in BudBlockz (BLUNT) And Helium (HNT)?

2022 was a grim year for cryptocurrencies, characterized by double-digit percentage losses and some projects going under. The collapse of the FTX exchange headlined the year as it resulted in billions worth of investments being wiped out. It also came weeks after the collapse of the Terra stablecoin. Fast forward, the crypto industry is in a recovery mode, with Bitcoin (BTC) leading the bounce back. While the focus is often on big projects, BudBlockz (BLUNT) and Helium (HNT) are solid picks for any investors eyeing significant gains as the industry recovers.


BudBlockz Linking Cannabis with Crypto

BudBlockz is one Ethereum-based project that continues to arouse interest in its push to provide secure and legal access to the multi-billion cannabis industry. The project has real-life implications, which sets it apart from other new projects. It has established the first decentralized online e-commerce platform to act as a link between cryptocurrencies and the cannabis sector.

The platform’s primary goal is to enhance access to a global network of cannabis products. It will improve the buying and selling of high-quality cannabis products in a secure and decentralized way. By joining the network and investing in the network’s native token, BLUNT, users can enjoy discounts from cannabis dispensaries and e-commerce stores worldwide.

BudBlockz NFT Opportunities

Additionally, BLUNT token holders can invest in the premium NFT collection Ganja Guruz. The premium NFT collection will allow holders to own fractional stakes in various cannabis stores and dispensaries. Additionally, the NFTs holders will enjoy membership access to various cannabis farms and discounts on cannabis products. There are also plans to launch an NFT marketplace where people buy and sell various NFT collections.

BudBlockz is also moving to make it easy for people to borrow and lend cryptocurrencies through a decentralized finance platform. The platform is to be powered by a BLUNT token. BudSwap is the network’s official DeFi platform that will facilitate the peer to peer transactions. At the heart of the platform is the BLUNT token that people can stake to earn some passive income on the side.

BudBlockz Arcade offers another opportunity for investors to tap into the multi-billion gaming industry. It is the first gaming platform built around cannabis and crypto gaming that will allow gamers to earn some BLUNT tokens while playing various retro games.

Helium Connectivity Opportunity

As BudBlockz moves to revolutionize the multibillion cannabis industry, Helium is another project well poised for tremendous success. Its focus on integrating blockchain technology with the high-growth area of the Internet of Things has set it for immense success. Its primary goal is to enable communications and connectivity with the Internet and connected devices.

In this case, individuals can install Helium routers at their homes to earn the network’s HNT token. In addition, the installation of Helium routers should enable the creation of Helium hotspots capable of providing long-range forms of Wi-Fi that can reach 200 times farther than a traditional Wi-Fi hotspot.

Helium has already made big strides by partnering with DISH Network to enable open-source and low-cost wireless connectivity ecosystems. The city of San Jose has already leveraged Helium routers to provide internet access to its low-income residents.

The connectivity gap or information divide in the US presents a unique opportunity that Helium can benefit from while enabling connectivity. The project is well-positioned to expand connectivity to areas that need to catch up, whether in urban or remote rural areas.

Bottom Line

Blockchain projects with proven real-world applications stand to be big winners amid the recovery in the broader cryptocurrency sector. For example, BudBlockz’s push to enhance access to high-quality cannabis products and non-fungible tokens sets it on course for tremendous success amid opening the global cannabis market. Likewise, Helium is destined for success amid the need to enhance access to information and internet connectivity across the US.

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