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APP OF THE WEEK: Boomerang Notifications – Save Notifications For Later

Boomerang Notifications cover

When it comes to notifications, android has the best mechanism of handling them. This experience is made better with each iteration of android and with Boomerang Notifications, I have never enjoyed receiving notifications this much.

The way we handle our notifications is different, depending on the priority we are giving to the said notification. For instance, most people reply to email, text and call notifications almost immediately. When it comes to other notifications such as social media or light reminders, we might choose not to reply immediately but leave it on the status bar so as to deal with it later. This is the method I use, for a notification that I don’t see as urgent, I might just leave it hanging on the status bar and look at it later. Well, I used to do this, until I got Boomerang Notifications that allows me to set when I want to be reminded of a notification if I do not want to deal with it at the moment.

Boomerang Notifications is one of a kind. I can literally think of various situations that I have forgotten to reply a text because I dismissed it thinking that I would remember to look at it later. With Boomerang, you can be assured that you will not forget to deal with a notification as you will be reminded of it later or at the specific time you set.


Boomerang Notifications is an easy to use app. I would recommend the app to anyone, not only geeks. With the way android is evolving fast, Boomerang Notifications might not be around for long as this functionality might soon be built into android.

Download Boomerang Notifications for Android

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