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Booking your hotel online. How does it work?

Jovago Mobile app

Online booking is the new front in the hospitality industry. Gone are the days when travel agencies were the main players in the tourism sector. The far reaching changes by online booking portal like Jovago.com and similar, has become a game changer in the business of travel. Not to mention, the hassle the customer had to go through has distinctively been reduced.

Jovago Kenya

Jovago Kenya

You may ask what is the advantage for both, a customer and a hotelier, in using online hotel booking websites?

The answer to the very question is simple. With 24 hours a day presence of hotels online a customer does not have to restrict themselves to “opening and closing hours”. They have access all hotels 24/7 and can choose the specifications that suits their needs as well as their finance.

Secondly, the innovative aspect of online and mobile payments makes the transaction between customer and hotel faster. At the touch of the button they certainly will have a room. There are added features which in turn assist the customer.

Online payments are easily transacted. Automated pay systems make it easy to transfer funds. As a consequence, they will not need to spend lots of time processing your booking, and will enjoy not only quick, but also safe payment solutions.

Online booking gives the advantage of scouting for new customers whilst maintaining customer loyalty with special discounts and promotions. Jovago, for instance, gives customers a chance to use special discount short codes during the booking process.

Thanks to technology, customers’ booking experience goes beyond regular hotel booking. The interactivity of the website plays a key role. Booking companies provide a live chat, email correspondence with the customer and a constant communication through social media channels. Customers can communicate anomalies or, in case they need assistance, travel advisors are always on call.

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