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What DataBank Offers Compared to its local competitors

David Njoroge DataBank Director

Kenya’s cloud computing market is still in the infancy stages but there are a few companies offering products and services with different features to businesses that need to protect their data. Out of all these companies, Databank stands out as being the most aggressive one. The company has invested a lot of resources on its products and this has helped separate it from its competitors.


If you are still on the fence as to which local solutions provider you should choose, this article may help you with that.

Dedicated to the Cloud

Databank is a truly cloud-based service and everything about is centered on the cloud. The company has invested on enough resources that ensure security and strong system availability. Most of the other local service providers treat the cloud business as a small department of their large organizations and thus you are not getting dedicated services. This is not the case with Databank as the company is 100% focused on the cloud business meaning that all its products are tailor made for this.

Scalable Products and Services

Businesses have the possibility of growing and this should be on your mind from the start. You will at some point need to provide new products or incorporate new technologies that will help you streamline the already existing products and services. This means that every other business you deal with has to be able to adapt to this when it happens. Out of the many local cloud backup solutions providers, Databank is one of the few ones that offer scalable backup solutions at affordable services.

Guaranteed Security

Data is very valuable to any organization and thus should be kept out of reach of unauthorized individuals. One of the ways Databank achieves better levels of security is by using 256 Bit AES Encryption for all the files and transfers them through an SSL connection. The company also offers an option for you to restrict restores to specific IP addresses, computers or even locations. Finding this feature on most other local backup solutions providers is not easy.

Error Free Restoration

The main aim of clod based backup solution is to provide you with your valuable data when you need it. This may not work perfectly most times as technology can mess you up when you really need it. This is the risk of choosing other cloud based solutions that can’t guarantee error free restoration. Databank on the other hand can guarantee error free restoration of all your files since it is the only enterprise-class cloud backup solution with locally hosted backup servers and equipped with CRC – Cyclic Redundancy.

Financial Viability

When you trust a company to provide you with backup services, you need to know that they have been and will be around for years to come. Databank is able to assure this since it is a product of Compfix Data Limited, a data management firm which has been around since 2003. This means that the company has enough experience in the market and will most likely be around for years to come. This cannot be said for other cloud backup solutions providers that came into the market just the other day.

You can learn more about DataBank here

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