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Facebook is Trying To Help You Out After a Breakup

Remember back in the day when Facebook added the “In a relationship with” option? It was a buzz, guys got excited. There were relationship proposals being thrown all around, needless to say this was the same with marriage.
After sometime, it got boring and people started “breaking up”, sadly yours wasn’t fake. Your real relationship ended and you had to change your status to single again. This did not guarantee that you would not see your Ex’s posts or comments unless you blocked them ofcourse, which was deemed to be on the extreme.

Facebook however is trying to make it easier post-breakup, by adding a tool that will help you manage how you interact with your Ex on Facebook. How this works, is when you chang your relationship status to single, Facebook will prompt you with a series of questions and give you options to give you more control over how much you see of your Ex on Facebook.

You can choose to hide your Ex’s posts from yourself, and when you go to tag someone, their name won’t appear in the list of suggestions. It works the other way too. You can make it such that your former lover sees less of you as well.

This doesn’t completely block your Ex and it’s temporary, allowing you to gradually come back around to being cool with each other. This is interesting as someone somewhere wrote a very ellaborate algorithm to estimate a break-up healing time. The new feature is still under testing and will be available to the public later on.

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Source: Facebook Newsroom

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