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Self-Replying Email App? Meet Inbox by Gmail

If you are an android user, you’ve probably come across Inbox by Gmail. This is an email app that was developed by Google to supplement Gmail. It’s just an average email app, but an upcoming update will leave you with less task as Google claims that they are working on a feature known as Smart Reply.
What this simply means is that the app will read your email, and through AI technology, it will suggest upto three replies that have been synthesized to sound as natural as possible, and all you have to do is choose the suggestion you like and click send.

Google faced a few challenges while coming up with this algorithm, one being that the AI would not just read the email and rephrase it then offer it as a reply and secondly, the AI wouldn’t reply “I love you” to every email as it did in the early days of development.
This is a huge development, especially in the tech world but it presents the issue of privacy. Google however assures that only the AI will have access to the email and no human is able to access it.

Want to give this app a try, head over to the Play Store.


Source: Official Gmail Blog

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