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Living With the Tecno Phantom 5

Phantom 5 2

The Tecno Phantom 5 made its way into Kenya a few weeks ago and comes into a market saturated with all kinds of smartphone, some good and some very bad. I have had the Phantom 5 for a while and even did a review of it last week.  If you are interested in the review, you can read about it by clicking on the link below.

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Since I have used the Phantom 5 as my main phone for a while, I thought I could give you guys some insights as to how it stacks up and if you should get it to replace the phone you currently have.

Awesome Design

One thing that Tecno got right with the Phantom 5 is its design. The phone has an all-metal design (with a non-removable battery) and looks absolutely beautiful. As for the size, it has a 5.5 inch display so it feels quite big when holding it. If you have never used a smartphone with such a big screen before, you will have to give it time before you get used to it.

Phantom 5 Back View

Phantom 5 Back View

Personally I didn’t find the phone to be that big but considering that I have used a smartphone with a 5.7 inch display before, am not the best person to base your argument on. All in all, the design of the Phantom 5 is really good. It is a step up from what were are used from Tecno.

With the beautiful design of the Phantom 5, be sure you will always attract attention every time you take it out in public. This can be a good or bad thing depending on where you are.


The performance of the Phantom 5 is quite good to say the least. This phone is made for the power users. It has 3GB of RAM and a 1.3GHz octa core processor. This is all good but I personally think that Tecno should have at least gone with a 1.5GHz CPU just so we can say they did it.

Overall, the performance of the Phantom 5 is good but not as fast as you might expect. When using it, I felt that it is slightly slower just because I had high expectations when I saw the RAM and processor figures and was looking forward to exceptional performance. This does not mean that the Phantom 5 is slow, it is fast but it felt slower sometimes.

For multi-tasking, the Phantom 5 is very reliable on this.   It did not let me down and I could easily and quickly switch between apps without any lag. Even opening heavy apps and games did not present any major issues with the Phantom 5.

One thing that I really liked with the Phantom 5 is how fast its camera is. It is one of the quickest cameras I have used so far and that is a fact. As for image quality, both the rear camera produced some detailed photos that impressed me. For a person who doesn’t take as many photos, I was really impressed with this camera.

Tecno Phantom 5

Tecno Phantom 5

The Tecno Phantom 5 has a 3000mAh battery which can easily last through the whole day. I consider myself a heavy user who is almost always on the phone and I could go with this phone through a whole day without having to charge it. Of course when I used it excessively I have to top it up before the day ended but in most situations this wasn’t necessary.


The Tecno Phantom 5 is a pretty good smartphone. It has a very appealing form factor that stands out from the stale designs some manufacturers keep focusing on. Its performance is not necessarily the best out there but is still good. The phone can get most things done without any issues at all.

So should you get it? Well, the answer for this question is not that straightforward. If you have used any Tecno phone before (even the 2015 ones), then upgrading to this is something you should consider. If you have never used a Tecno phone, you may want to consider what you want from a smartphone first. If you are all about the looks, this phone is great, if you want slightly better performance (but not the best), this smartphone can also do it for you.

The Phantom 5 is retailing at Ksh 40,000 ($391) which may seem expensive for most people. I got this phone for free to review and I think the 40K price tag is a little bit higher. When you get to this price point, you start looking at more established brands such as Sony, HTC or even Samsung.

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