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Google Updates the Listening Software behind Google Now to Make It a Better Listener

Google now update

Have you used Google Now before? Have you had any issues with it? For most people, using Google Now is great but in some situations can be frustrating as it fails to understand you properly. This is not a common problem but still happens from time to time. I have personally experienced it countable times but I haven’t seen it as a big deal.

For those who have seen this as a big issue, Google has finally updated Google Now to fix it. The company revealed this through its blog explaining how using voice search with Google Now is a little bit faster and more accurate.

The ability to pick up your voice even when in a noisy room is one of the biggest improvements with this update. This has been difficult before and it is nice for Google to fix it.

Google also says that the latest update reduces the voice recognizing and processing time significantly. I still haven’t heard time to test this but I will do so very soon and inform you if the results do not match up to what Google is selling.

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