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BlackBerry Wants To Return To the Golden Days When Owning One of Its Devices Was a “Badge of Honor”

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Some time back, BlackBerry smartphones were pretty popular and among the most sort after smartphones. This has all changed right now and BlackBerry devices are not as cool or as popular as they were.

BlackBerry knows this all too well and the company is keen to change that. According to its CEO John Chen, BlackBerry wants to return to the good old days when its devices were the must have devices.

Mr. Chen said this at the Waterloo Innovation Summit when he was answering questions about the company’s future. Returning to former glory will not be easy for BlackBerry and the company is probably planning to try that out with its upcoming device powered by Android, the BlackBerry Venice.

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Is Android the Future?

Chen recalled how owning a BlackBerry device was a “badge of honor” back in 2007. Probably the company is planning to go back to this with Android as I do not see that happening anytime soon if it decided to stick with its own OS.

Even though BlackBerry may embrace Android for a bit, the company said that it is still committed to BlackBerry 10. The company has promised to provide security and productivity benefits that are unmatched. This is very settling for BlackBerry 10 owners who may have been worried that the company will ditch its own OS and fully embrace Android.

Below is a video of Mr. Chen commenting on BlackBerry and its future.

[youtube url=”–AeZWbU” width=”560″ height=”315″]

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