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LG May Be Working On a Smartphone to Rival the Samsung Galaxy Edge Devices

LG and Samsung are the two big smartphone manufacturers who seem serious with implementing curved displays on their devices. Even though these two companies implement these displays differently, they seem to be the only ones interested in this technology.

Samsung has the Galaxy Edge devices that include the Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge and the recently unveiled Galaxy S6 Edge+. LG on the other hand has the LG G Flex and the G Flex 2.

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, LG has decided has decided to file some trademarks suggesting that it could be working on Galaxy Edge-like devices or something close to that. With this latest development, LG may also be just trolling Samsung or may be acquiring the names to prevent Samsung from using them. Nothing concrete is known at the moment but be sure we will get more information as the days go by.

The names that LG has filed trademarks for are:

Super Edge

Dual Edge

Upper Edge

Dual Side Edge

Side Edge

Double Edge

Two Edge

G Edge

As you can see from the names above, LG may be up to something but only people inside the company know what it is. At this point it all looks like LG wants to scoop the names to prevent Samsung from using them. I say this because we haven’t heard any concrete news of a device from LG that may have the Edge name. LG already has the G Flex devices that am not sure LG will be willing to change just yet. Also, I do not think LG has the 8 devices in production as this would be quite expensive for the company.

My conclusion is, Probably LG will just work on one device with a curved display sometime in the future probably a year or so from now.

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