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Nigerian Developers Can Now Sell Their Apps on Google Play Using Their Local Currency (Naira)


Google has updated the Google Play Developer Console to allow developers in Nigeria to display and sell their apps on the store using local currency pricing, the Nigerian Naira. This means that from today, Nigerian developers will be able to set prices for their apps using the Naira.

Nigeria is not the only country added to the list of countries whose developers can do this but two countries that Google has included are Qatar and Kazakhstan. There are a number of countries where developers can do this but these three are the recent ones to join this club. Unfortunately Kenya is not there yet.

Developers in Nigeria and the other countries will have to register as merchants if they are to list their paid apps on the play store. When registered, they will be able to list their apps and set the prices using local currency.

In Kenya, developers do not list their apps in Kenya shillings even though users see prices listed as Kenya shillings. Google does automatic conversions that is why with most apps you may find them available in strange figures in Kenya shillings such as Ksh 483.67. Even with these, the transactions happen in US dollars which is the default price and currency for Kenya.

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