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Why are you using a phone case?

I have asked this question to a good number of people, and surprisingly the answers are usually related, “…for protection, just in case my phone drops…” or “…I like how the cover makes my phone look…”

So in short, it is safe to say that people use phone cases, either for protection or fashion purposes. But what about those who don’t use phone covers at all, is it that they don’t care if their phone drops? They don’t care about fashion? Well, I will answer that for you. I am a lover of nude phones (phones without cases, just to make that clear) Ever since I got my first smartphone, back in the Ideos era, I have never liked the idea of putting a case on the phone. Yes, I know, phones are fragile, but hear me out. Most cases available in Kenya are outright ugly. Too harsh?

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But here’s why, they are cheaply made with no effort to make it look classy in any way (especially flip covers, urgh!). Why would you buy a Samsung Galaxy S6, then cover all that beauty with such a case?

Let’s talk protection, do covers really offer protection against drops? Unless the cover looks like an army armour like the one below, then there is negligible protection being offered. They may give you the illusion that they have protected your phone from breaking the few time you have dropped it, but I honestly think that is dependent on the phone’s own durability.

What about the fashionistas?

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Alright, you only use a phone case to enhance some personality or just to match your outfit, that is ok. But how frequent do you replace the phone case? Giving an example of the African-print case, most I have seen, are worn out and dirty, and in no way enhance the beauty of the phone. Yes, we could have a few that are truly attractive, but how often do you see such?

Here is what I am getting at, I think phone manufacturers put in a lot of time and money to ensure that their devices look beautiful and are durable. Look at these phones below, they are all made to perfection,  they look classy. Not all phones are this beautiful, I know there are phones that are ugly, and for such owners, I excuse you if you have a case on. But I think, if you are going to use a phone case for protection, then make sure you get something quality, and that looks nice.

LG G4 (leather back)

LG G4 (leather back)

Sony Xperia Z3+

Sony Xperia Z3+

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

HTC One M9

HTC One M9

Infinix Zero 2

Infinix Zero 2 (Kevlar Back)

If you use cases for personalization or beauty enhancement, let me give you an alternative, use skins, they might be a bit more pricey than cases but they leave people turning their heads and wondering which phone is that you have, without having to add the bulk that comes with phone cases.

Check out Nifties 254, They offer high quality custom skins. Tell them Tech Arena sent you.

pic05 pic10 pic24 pic27

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