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WhatsApp for Android Gets A Series of Updates the Improve Users Experience and Lower Data Usage in Voice Calls

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WhatsApp for Android has received a series of updates of late that are aimed at improving user experience and introduce a number of new features to the app.

With the recent updates, Android users on WhatsApp will be able to customize the notifications sounds for individual contacts or group conversations. This will make it easier especially for people who get a lot of WhatsApp messages. They will be able to know the sender even before looking at their phones.

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With the latest updates, when you open a contact’s or group’s detail page you will see a new notification box that allows you to change the notifications style for that particular contact. You will also be able to mute some notifications for a given period of time, let’s say 8 hours, 1week or 1 year or just turn them altogether.

The latest update also makes it cheaper to make voice calls with a new low data mode. This is part of the company’s plan to get people to use WhatsApp voice calls without spending too much on data.

The update also allows you to mark conversations as unread. This is very useful for conversations that you may want to come back to at a later time. A point to note about this is that marking the conversation as unread on your end does not show the same for your sender. On the sender’s side, the conversations will still be marked as read.

The new version of WhatsApp will be available on the play store in the next few days so do not worry if you don’t have it yet.

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