Dual-SIM Smartphones Will Make up A Third Of All Smartphones Sold In 2016

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A few years ago, dual SIM smartphones were mainly found on the entry level smartphones. Fast forwards a few years later and having a smartphone with dual SIM capabilities is quite easy and honestly appealing to most people.  Even though manufacturers are still not ready to embrace dual SIM devices on their high end devices, the growth and adoption of dual SIM devices is on the rise.

This rise has led to a new report by the research firm, Strategy Analytics that says that one in every three smartphones sold globally in 2016 will have dual SIM support. Looking at most emerging markets, dual SIM smartphones account for quite a huge percentage of all smartphones being sold at the moment so the report makes so much sense.

The report reveals that this growth in dual SIM devices is as a result of their adoption in China, India and most emerging markets.

Linda Sui, Director at Strategy Analytics, added, “Dual-SIM smartphones with two or more SIM card slots, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos, are wildly popular in cost-conscious markets like India and China. Dual-SIM smartphones are popular in China and India because they allow consumers to select the cheapest tariff rates for voice or data plans, as well as access better cellular coverage without roaming charges, while removing the extra cost of owning multiple handsets for personal or business communications.”

Smartphone manufacturers such as Microsoft, Samsung Huawei, Tecno among others seem to have understood the advantage of dual SIM devices and they are among the biggest players in most emerging markets including Kenya.

Rajeev Nair, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics, added, “China and India are by far the two largest country markets for dual-SIM smartphones worldwide today. Leading global smartphone vendors, such as Samsung, Lenovo and Micromax, are focusing their dual-SIM Android models on China and India. One notable absentee from the worldwide dual-SIM smartphone market is Apple. By not offering a dual-SIM iPhone, Apple is missing out on a huge half-billion-unit global market.”

As for the adoption of dual SIM smartphones, the trend will grow and probably Apple may even be convinced it is a good idea. Personally, I do have a dual SIM smartphone, it saves me as I do not have to carry to phones every time.

Source [Strategic Analytics]

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