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What I think of the ‘NAIROBI X’ game

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First things first, congratulations to Black Division Games for giving us our very own 3D action game *applause*

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You’ve probably already heard about this game, if not, well now you know. Nairobi X (not sure whether its a ten or the alphabet X), is an action game that was released on June 17, 2015, having taken 9 months to develop.

Nairobi X  is a first person shooter game, set in Nairobi, in the year 2030 when the country is under attack from aliens, yes aliens! (always thought the zombies would attack first). The mission of the gamer is to Defend Kenya from the aliens and the game’s main character goes by the name ‘Commander Otero’ (Makmende would have been a better fit).

I downloaded the game to my phone, played it and here’s what I think of the gameplay and experience.


Screenshot_2015-07-10-00-16-54    Screenshot_2015-07-10-00-15-36  Screenshot_2015-07-10-00-17-25


I’m not exactly the greatest gamer out there, I’d actually choose sleep over playing any video game any day but I had to try out this game, it is Kenyan made after all.

So the game starts off with a short tutorial and then you are left to defend the country against the aliens. There are a number of weapons to choose from and basically yeah that’s all the control and customization you get, besides having the ability to also increase or decrease the look sensitivity and the audio on/off switch.

Screenshot_2015-07-10-00-17-33                              Screenshot_2015-07-10-00-18-48


I personally found the game play to be a bit laggy and slow, the look controls do not work that well and the shooting can get frustrating. I would have loved to see full screen touch controls where I tap on an alien and I am locked in, because currently, the hardest thing to do is to aim and shoot at the same time. The graphics are good, I must say. The commentary, lol, just superb, with hilarious comments such as “ni kunoma buda”, translated to “Things are bad man” whenever your health gets low.

Otherwise I enjoyed the game, for the few minutes I could tolerate it (attributed to the fact that I could barely go beyond the first mission). I would encourage each of you to try it out as it is available on the Play Store (curently only available or android users). GO KENYA!

Here’s a trailer of the game:


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