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Samsung Plans To Release More Tizen Powered Smartphones This Year

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Samsung is trying to push the adoption of Tizen to the masses in every possible way. The company already has wearables, TVs, appliances and a smartphone powered by Tizen OS. The Samsung Z1, the only smartphone powered by Tizen, seems to be doing very well and it is reported that Samsung has already sold over 1 Million units in just 6 months.

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With the positive reception of the Samsung Z1, the company is planning to introduce even more Smartphones powered by Tizen. Tizen is still a pretty new OS and for Samsung to flood it with these devices may not make much sense but probably Samsung is seeing something we are not. Tizen still has an issue with apps and even though the number of apps available doubled up in the last 6 months, there is still a long way to go.

According to a report by Reuters, a “person with knowledge of the matter” said Samsung will be launching “several Tizen Smartphones at varying prices” this year.

The report did not reveal the specs these devices will have by my guess is that they will target the low and mid segments of the market, tilting more to the mid segment. Targeting this part of the market will be much easier for the company to see good sales figures in my opinion. Breaking into the high end segment takes a lot and for a new OS to try to do this will not make sense.

I will keep you informed if any changes come up as time goes by.

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