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Samsung Has Sold Over 1 Million Samsung Z1 Smartphones So Far

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The Samsung Z1 has been around for almost 6 months and stands out from the rest as it runs Tizen OS. Since it is powered by Tizen, most people expected it to record low sales figures but this did not turn out to be. Even since the first days after it came to the market, this smartphone saw some impressive figures and even managed to sell over 50,000 units in just 10 days.

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It is now reported that over 1 Million Samsung Z1 units so far. This is quite impressive given that the smartphone has been available on the market for less than 6 months.

Asim Warsi, vice president for marketing, mobile and IT at Samsung India said, “It has been better than expectations for us. It stacks up equal and better with some of its neighbouring models in our portfolio.”

With these impressive sales figures, Samsung is said to be working on a gold variant of the Samsung Z1 that will be unveiled sometime next month. The smartphone will cost between $125-$235 which will make it very appealing to most people.

Samsung also revealed that Tizen has seen impressive growth for the last few months with the number of apps in the store doubling during this period. This shows that people are willing to embrace new platforms and this is a very positive thing.

Read: The Samsung Z1 Records Impressive Sales Figures

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