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This is How HelloFood uses An Android App to monitor Rider Movements


People must eat! Or so the saying goes. Because of this, the food business is one that will never be short of customers. Regardless of the state of the economy, politics, the traffic or any other daily scenario, there will always be people who need to eat if for no other reason, then simply for basic human productivity.

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Even with this fundamental need for food, we often arrive at circumstances in our daily routines that hinder us from having our recommended 3 meals a day. Maybe you left your lunch at home and realized too late. Perhaps the regular lunch provided at the office is too predictable and you feel the need to try something new. Or you could simply be confined to the office when the cold season comes around (like now!) and you don’t want to brave the cold to go out to your favourite kibanda over lunch hour.

In all of these circumstances food delivery comes in handy. This means that the time with which the food is delivered is of utmost importance.  Every aspect of the food delivery business is integral to make it successful the food delivery itself must be monitored with careful attention and detail.

Piki piki’s or motorcycle riders are tasked with the very important job of maneuvering through the city streets and highways in the shortest amount of time to get the customer’s meals to them, without compromising on the quality or the presentation of the food.

One of the ways this is done is using an Android developed app where one is able to monitor the movements of the riders. The App uses GPS to track the location of the riders, it also helps the Operations team manage the food delivery tasks.

For Hellofood, the online food delivery business in Nairobi this app is particularly useful because the Operations Team can see exactly where the riders are stationed. They are then able to assign a rider to collect an order from a restaurant while determining the amount of time it will take from pick time at the restaurant to delivery at the customer’s location.

Apart from organizing how and when riders should be dispatched to collect and deliver food orders, this technology helps the business maintain a level of transparency with customers who may be anxiously waiting on their meals and would like to inquire how far a long it will be before their meal arrives either to their office or home; hellofood is able to accurately communicate with customers about their arrival of their meal. This in the long run has long term benefits such as customer retention.

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