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This Is Proof That Windows 10 Mobile Will Be Available To the End Consumer in September

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By now, we all know that Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile will be available before the end of the year. Even Microsoft has gone ahead and given us an exact date (of July 29th) as to when we should expect Windows 10 for PC. All this time, Microsoft did not say much about Windows 10 for Mobile and all we have known is that Windows 10 Mobile will be launched a few months after Windows 10 for PC becomes available.

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Before Microsoft tells us officially when Windows 10 Mobile will be available, some information has surfaced that indicates that it will be released in Q3 this year. This new report comes from Neowin, the same company that told us when to expect Windows 10 for PC before Microsoft officially confirmed the date.

Windows 10 mobile

Above is one of the slides provided by Neowin that shows us that Windows 10 Mobile will arrive in late Q3.

According to the picture above, we should be expecting to see Windows 10 as from September this year. It might take a while before we get to see it but am sure by the end of this year, we will have it. Microsoft may also use the Windows 10 Mobile launch to unveil its next flagship smartphone. It’s been long since Microsoft came out with a real flagship smartphone and am waiting to see what it will be all about.

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