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What Madaraka means to E-commerce Sites Like Kaymu


We just celebrated 52 years of independence and boy does it feel good! We have come from far as a country, worked notch by notch to be where we are today. Business wise, we have surely spread our wings just working round the clock to make sure we put that Ugali on the table.

The internet has played its part in making sure that we have a home in the village it has created out of the world. E commerce in particular has been able to put a smile in so many people’s faces .It has provided psychological freedom in the sense that one is able to shop from the comfort of their own couch with  just a click of a button.  Saving one from the hustle and bustle of the Nairobi traffic and delivering the  items at your doorstep is independence in a whole different level.

The fact that buyers are in liberty to choose what mode of payment they would like to use in this era where cyber fraud dominates is a privilege. E-commerce has been able to provide employment to so many young people bringing financial freedom to most families. It has also been able to contribute to the economy in a major way.

“providing  a hub in which startup entrepreneurs can sell and earn a living is  complete freedom to us” Says Aleeda Fazal, MD Kaymu. “and also being able to give the seller the independence  to select  products  from  a wide variety of product is also a major satisfaction to us.”

Freedom should be defined as making people happy and providing an easier way to do things in a world so complicated. This is exactly what e commerce has done. so while we thank the government for the 52years, let us not forget  to thank online marketplaces like Kaymu for making things easy for us.

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